Laser Training May 2021

Here’s a couple times for laser training over the next couple weeks. Post here to claim one of the two spots for each day.

Thursday May 13, 12pm (Assuming the recent water flow issue is fixed by then)

Saturday May 22, 3pm

Here’s the details:
Cost is $30 donation to VHS, payed in cash at the training or ahead of time as a paypal donation here
Usually runs about 1.5-2 hours.
Completion of the training will grant access to the use of the laser cutter, and you must be a VHS member to use the laser cutter once trained.

More details and further reading

If you would like to stay after and make something cool, bring a vector file saved as a .dxf or old version .ai and we can try it out!


I’d like to sign up for the May 13 slot!

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I’d like to sign up for a May 13th slot as well!

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I know @Nich was interested as well. Just tagging him. (have also pinged him on slack)

I’ll take one of the May 22nd slot!

I would love a may 22nd slot please!
Thank you For the heads up @Janet!

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Btw, the training fee helps us to cover the cost of replacing the laser tube every few thousand hours, and the exhaust filters every few months. It all adds up so the training fee is how we help pay for all of this.


Hi there,

I’d like to sign for May 22nd,