Laser training - June 5, 2017 6:30pm


This session is FULL

Hi All,

I will be running laser training for those who have not yet been trained on the cutter on June 5th, 2017 at 6:30pm. Training takes approximately 3 hours and costs $30. You MUST be an actively paying member in order to actually use the laser cutter.

I have room to take 4 people.

Please reply here to sign up. I have already added 2 people who have indicated that they want training.

Payment can be made in cash to me on the day of training.

Anyone want laser cutter training?



Works for me


I’m in!


Cool, see you Monday!


Will there be any other training this week? I need to use the laser cutter but the time doesn’t suit me. Can anyone give training on Tuesday during the Open House?

Appreciate it. thanks


Hi Mostafa:

Laser training is done by our volunteer laser trainers which are limited in number and availability.

It is likely best for you to rearrange your schedule to fit that of the trainers.



Thanks for your response Mark. I was wondering if its possible to attend this training. I really want to join this or the next training session. Will the volunteer be willing to organize another training session, if this session is full?



In line as well for a future training session


I would like to attend the next full-length laser training course. When is the next available date?