Laser training Jul 2021

Here’s a couple training spots over the next week or so, post here and I’ll add you to the schedule, there’s three spots for each day.

Wednesday Jul 14, 6:00pm

Sunday Jul 18, 3:00pm

Cost is $30 donation to VHS, payed in cash at the training or ahead of time as a paypal donation here
Usually runs about 1.5-2 hours.
Completion of the training will grant access to the use of the laser cutter, and you must be a VHS member to use the laser cutter once trained.

More details and further reading

If you would like to stay after and make something cool, bring a vector file saved as a .dxf or old version .ai and we can try it out!

If anyone else would like to run a training, feel free to add a time here!


Hey Tristan,
Sounds great would love to grab one of those spots on Wednesday evening?
Thanks so much and looking forward to it :slight_smile:

Hi Tristan,
I’d like to please join for the Wednesday Jul 14 training.



Me please! Sunday would be great.

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Could I snag that last spot on Wednesday?

If there are any spots left for Sunday pls sign me up Thx Tamara

D’oh! I missed another term again. Just come back from vacation in Rockies. I ll keep an eye on August term.

Thanks Tristan for leading these sessions!

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@TristanL would love to join the next laser training session! Please let me know when you are planning one in the next couple weeks

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Me too please! :slight_smile: