Laser Training Dec 20th 5:30 pm

Hey everyone, Laser training is back on Dec20th Tuesday 2022

This training is required to be able to use the laser cutter. We will go through safety, setup, and all the thing you should know to get you started on your laser cutting journey.

Due to covid, this event is limited to 4 student. Don’t worry if you miss this one, we will run more training in the future.

You can reserve a spot by replying to this post.

The cost of training is $30 which will go towards keeping the laser functional.

E-transfer to, or one-time PayPal donation via the link at

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Hi! I’d love to sign up. I’ve done training on the laser before, way back when it was first purchased, but that was many years ago and I don’t think that training is particularly valid anymore given that I haven’t used it in many years.

Awesome, thanks @yeungx I’ll take the training!

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I’ll jump in on this session too, if there’s still a spot.