Laser Square Grill Blocks!

Hey all, I have invented a way to accurately square something up in the laser cutter multiple times to avoid double edges when you find that you need to make another cut or engraving after you’ve moved your piece!

I call them Laser Square Grill Blocks (because I couldn’t decide on Laser Squares or Grill Blocks so why not combine the two?) and I am documenting how to use them here. There is also a file in the documents folder on the laser cutter computer with the precise spacing and width of the lines in case someone wants to make more or modify it for their own needs for whatever reason.

They are currently living on the laser cutter computer counter with all the other laser cutter tools, I labeled them so please don’t throw them out.


So the first thing you need to do is to put the block on the grill of the laser cutter. The grooves are spaced exactly far enough apart and are wide enough to accomodate most of the grills, but due to warping on the grills they’re not all perfectly even. If it’s not fitting, don’t force it too much. Move it elsewhere or jiggle it a bit and it will fit better.

Use a measuring square (or any 90degree cut angle) along the bottom and side of the block to position your piece perfectly. You can move the laser head around via the software of your choice to find the XY positioning, and if you’re in LightBurn you can use the camera to aid in that as well.

Snugly fit a right angle of your material into the right angle created by the square and the block. If you’re careful to not jostle your material you can take the square away, but leave the block in so your position is maintained if you take your material out.

For this piece I am engraving the acrylic to a certain depth to inset another piece of art, so I took it out to test and re-engraved it three times and was able to maintain the exact positioning of my drawing with this method.


Here are some more process photos showing the cut I made to my art and how well the hole in the artwork and the engraved inset on the acrylic line up.

If and when you use these, please try not to cut or engrave into the blocks, and also make sure that the laser head will not hit the blocks in its movement path around your material. Enjoy!


This is so awesome! Very useful, thanks for sharing!!


Genius! I love it.


Saw you making these last night. Excellent idea, thanks for sharing.

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Does anyone know where these went? I haven’t been able to find them the last couple times I went in.

I was also looking for these just today. Where are they?!?

Great idea. :clap: