Laser Optics Cleaning and Alignment Sat Mar 4th 2023

Shoutout to member @Brad who cleaned and aligned the laser cutter mirrors this past Saturday.

Below was his update to the LCC (Laser Cutter Committee)

I’ve just finished cleaning the mirrors and lens. Mirror 1 and 2 were fine so didn’t need any cleaning or adjusting. Mirror 3 was quite dirty as was the lens. Also noticed the head itself was out of alignment, likely due to being knocked against some material. I re-centered the head. Afterwards I was able to cut 1/4" ply using 1 pass at 50 power and 20 speed. photos below. all cleaned and aligned

A dirty mirror

A cleaned mirror

Side Mirror looking ok

Laser Air Filter hood on Gantry. Likely knocked off vertical from hitting something while cutting. It is important to check this if you do happen to have this happen to you.

cut 1/4" ply using 1 pass at 50 power and 20 speed