Laser new material approval request

Hi @LCC,

I’m interested in laser etching some logos into wood and would like to spray a layer of Plasti Dip (spray on rubber coating) which I could then peel off later. I found an msds for this product and was hoping a someone from the LCC could check it out and see if it would be ok.


MSDS Plasti Dip.pdf (39 KB)

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Hi Brad:

Thanks for bringing this to the attention of the LCC.

Can you provide any documented examples (YouTube, blog, etc) of this particular process being performed using a laser cutter?


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Hey @brad have you tried masking tape at all? I have not - just curious as it’s been recommended to me before.

Hey Janet, thanks for the suggestion, I have tried painters tape as well as transfer tape but because the wood I am using has alot of imperfections and cracks, the tape doesn’t cover all the little crevices and therefore after I etch and then paint over the design, the paint seeps under the tape where it is not smooth and the tape doesn’t stick to.

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