Laser Fixed as of Dec 8th, 2020 - was Out of order Tues Dec 1st, 2020

Laser is currently completely out of order.

Looks like one of the x-axis wheels has destroyed its bushing and is now grinding - do we have any spares?

Also getting the grinding of doom when zeroing.

That plus the alignment and focus issues may warrant a work party. I’m not super well versed in laser but am willing to help!

I have put an out of order sign on it in the meantime

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Thanks for notifying and marking it out of service. the LCC will take a look as soon as we can and post an update.

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If I can help do Let me know

Ok. I popped in to have a look at the laser today. It appears that the outside bearing race holding the bearings on the gantry has disintegrated. This will need to be replaced. Unfortunately this means laser cutter is out of order until we get the parts in.

Outside bearings gone

Inside bearings still there but will be replaced

LCC is looking at this now but it could be a week and possibly more before we get the laser back online.

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What size bearings?

Bearings were ordered this morning. Should arrive tomorrow. Hopefully we’ll have it running again in a few days.

Lots more details and chatter on slack.


We have the bearings. Thanks @sampath!

@Majicj installed them only to find that the shaft has worn a groove where it has been grinding against the seized bearing. We’re going to need to replace this shaft.

Here’s the part we need.

Who’s up for making this part? We have stock and we have the assembly in pieces for you to inspect. We need this quickly and we need this done well, so looking for someone who has the experience to bang this out with no trouble.

@Billiam: what are you up to tomorrow? :wink:

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I can come in this evening to assess, and get started. Is there an existing one in-situ? What material do you have?


@Billiam is half-done fixing the existing shaft. The laser will probably be down for another day or two.

Hi Folks:

The laser cutter is fixed :crossed_fingers: and back online.

A big shoutout to @Billiam for repairing the shaft in our machine shop, @sampath for sourcing new bearings, @TyIsI for general bearing measurements, @lukecyca for problem analysys, lubricating the laser rails,cleaning mirrors, laser alignment and general quality checking, @Majicj for inital debugging, pulley mechanical disassembly/reassembly/installation.

All told it took about 10+ hours from everyone to get the laser cutter back online.
The main reason I mention this is to remind everyone that VHS is run by volunteers.

VHS needs YOU to help out where ever you can! If you see an area you can help out with please do it. Trust me you will be appreciated!

Happy Lasering.

From the LCC.


Big thanks to you guys for knowing what to do and getting it done so quickly.

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