Laser Filter maintenance - Sept 2023

3ish hours of community service today cleaning the laser filters

Pulled everything out. Wearing proper PPE is essential! P100 mask, eyewear and rubber gloves for me.

Activated Charcoal looks sort of ok but the tray screen bottoms were pretty clogged.

Screen from bottom

After dumping the charcoal blew out the screens with compressed in the back laneway

After Cleaning looks much better

I decided to keep the existing charcoal to see if we can get a bit more life out of it as it is expensive.
Its pretty fast to change if its not working out.

Next up was blowing out the pre-filters with compressed air. Pre and Post.

Pre-filters looking much better after washing in the bathroom sink. Ready to go back in the cabinet

Old furnace filters

$16 for pack of 3 Merv 8’s. 2 went in to the cabinet with one extra.
These are supposed to be good for 3 months of normal home use.
I suspect they should be replaced in 1 month.

Tape had come off exhaust port in the window again so re-taped it with some duct tape. If there’s anyone that does window glazing perhaps a more permanent fix can be done? Also Window glazing looks to be getting to end of life for some of the other panes.

Closed everything back up and taped all the joints to get a better air seal

Final test was a deep laser etch almost all the way through a 3mm piece of acrylic. Seems to be ok smell wise indoors although you could smell it outside.


Thanks for doing all that dusty messy work! I’m sure that will make a huge difference in terms of smell, especially from acrylic.