Laser Filter Maintenance - March 9 2023

Today @Omid @David_Neufeld and myself spent the afternoon working on the laser filter box. We washed the Pre filters, added new furnace filters and put in 6 trays of new charcoal. Also replaced the tape around the window where the exhaust exits the build as it have given up the ghost.

After all this work the filters are working really well!

@Omid picked up six furnace filters at Home Depot.

Pre filters and trays before cleaning

Washing the pre-filters (after shaking out the dust)

Pre-filters looking much improved back in their trays

Four furnace filters which were replaced

Old sparsely populated charcoal trays

Properly filled charcoal trays. There are six of these.

The tape sealing the filter exhaust to the window had given up the ghost after 2 years so the laser exhaust was coming right back into the space.

New Tape job. This is temporary until we find some all-weather tape that will hold up.


Wow I hadn’t even thought about checking the window seal but it makes sense now. Thank you so much for doing all this work.


Thanks for doing this and posting the photos showing exactly what’s involved.


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