Laser Cutter Training - Wednesday Feb 5 6pm

On Wednesday Feb 5, I’ll be running a laser cutter orientation for 4 members, reply here to reserve your spot!

Generally the session runs about 2.5hrs

The cost is a $30 donation to the space, and before you arrive, read through the laser operation manual to familiarize yourself with the fundamentals:

If you would like to stay after and make something cool, bring a vector file saved as a .dxf or older version .ai and perhaps we can try it out!


@lgkeroack Here’s the next one

:heart_eyes: may I please reserve a spot for the next orientation on Feb 5

Fantastic! Count me in!

I’ll be there!!!

I would like to reserve a spot too. I’m not a member yet but I expect to register before then.

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Ok awesome folks see you then!

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Super sorry for the late notice but it looks like I can’t make it this time. I’ve been reminded just now of obligations made prior. My spot is up for grabs!

No worries, hopefully someone sees this and takes the spot

Hope so! If no one does I can fulfill the donation the empty seat would have brought. I still have some hope I can get out of my other obligation and attend this

Looks like I can make it after all. See you tomorrow!

Awesome look forward to meeting you soon!