Laser Cutter Training Monday & Tuesday Sep 10th &11th 6pm


Demand for laser access is high, so I will be running a training next Monday, 6pm and Tuesday 6pm.

This training covers basic operation, machine safety, and how to use the machine effectively.

Successful completion of training will grant access to use of the laser cutter as a VHS member.

Cost: $30 cash, payable at the door
Class size: Max 4
Prerequisites: Review Laser Cutter Operation Manual (link below), be a VHS member

Training Info: 5
Operation Manual: 4

Reply below to be on the list!

Monday :
1 @Jow
2 @paulreimer
3 @Angela_Nee

Tuesday :
1 @RolandClarke
2 @bjohnd


Hello baptiste,

please sign me up!


Thank you @baptiste!


Thanks @baptiste for offering this!

I would like to register myself for this training session.

I’m beginning the membership registration process just now and should hopefully be fully registered by Monday.


Hi baptiste.

Thanks for setting up the class!
Unfortunately, I tutor now on Monday and Wednesday nights.

Is Tuesday, Thursday or Friday a possibility?


We can do Tuesday if @Jow and @paulreimer are ok with it


That would be awesome!


Tuesday works for me!


Sign me up too please. Either day is fine


Ok that’s 4 people now, I changed the date but I want to be sure that @Jow is ok with Tuesday.

Otherwise, make sure you read the laser manual before coming to the training :


Thanks so much!
I appreciate changing the date for me! I will be there on Tuesday!!


I’m too late for this class,
but count me in as deeply interested as I ordered one but have no idea how to use it.



Ok folks, let’s do 2 sessions, Monday and Tuesday

I split the list into 2, which means we have now 3 more seats* available. Pick your day.

*gotcha, you will stand the whole time


I’m still working on my membership sign-up process, but I noticed on the Laser Cutter Training wiki page that it is possible to take the training without being a member yet?

Just wanted to check if that is an option for tomorrow’s class, finishing up the membership soon thereafter…


This is correct, you just won’t be able to use it after (which is fine)

You know you can just sign up for membership by starting your Paypal payments, right? :slight_smile:


Excellent! Thank you so much for opening another class.
Count me in for Monday night 6 pm for $30 + homework.

Say how come I don’t receive these emails? So grateful Martin Hans told me I got in. I would have never have known otherwise. Where can I sign up for email notifications?


If you click your photo in the top right corner and click the gear, you can modify your email and notification preferences.


Can you sign me up for Monday? See you then.


Hey, sorry the last session was last night. Stay tuned for the next training!


Thanks! I though it was for next week. I missed that.