Laser Cutter Training - Feb 26th 2020

On Wednesday F̶e̶b̶ ̶1̶2̶ Feb 26, I’ll be running a laser cutter orientation for 4 members, reply here to reserve your spot!

Generally the session runs about 2.5hrs

The cost is a $30 donation to the space, and before you arrive, read through the laser operation manual to familiarize yourself with the fundamentals:

If you would like to stay after and make something cool, bring a vector file saved as a .dxf or older version .ai and perhaps we can try it out!

Hey! There’s a prescheduled guild meeting during that time with an external guest speaker coming in to do a talk. See calendar. I expect 15 people or more and we are at the main tables. Laser cutter use is too distracting. Please reschedule. Thanks.

Of course, didn’t think to check the calendar, thanks for letting me know! Let’s do it a week sooner, Wednesday Feb.12th. Post edited.

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Awesome thanks and thanks for running these laser training events.

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Am I reading this correctly in that no one has signed up yet? If that is the case I would like to sign up, but am in class until 6:20. I could make it if training started at 7 though…

Yeah no one has signed up yet, I am thinking we might have caught up with the demand and will probably reschedule. Trying to figure out the best date, tues-thurs don’t work well, and I’m not sure many people want to spend friday night especially valentines at the laser haha. Maybe Sunday 16th or Monday 17th? Otherwise will make it the 26th. Do you have a preference?

Monday the 17th works well for me!

Feb 12 and Feb 26th work for me!

Ok, the new date is Feb 26th. Post here if you plan on coming by!


Ok, so since no one is signing up, we must have worked through the demand. I would be cool with running a class with only 2-3 people if we could arrange a date, at least so that chris and sampath can get started soon, but with the current list I think the 26th (tomorrow) won’t work so will be cancelled.

I will try again shortly to set a date for a laser orientation, and I will get the word out (to people that aren’t on talk), perhaps at open nights and on the events sign out front. Stay tuned, sorry for any inconvenience @sampath and @Chris_D!

Hey so I just had 2 other people interested in a laser training tomorrow, so it’s still on for tomorrow if you are still coming @sampath. Let me know!


Sweet! I’ll be there. What time?

Starts at 6, goes for a couple hours. See you there!

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@TristanL I may be 5 minutes late… Sorry!!