Laser Cutter Training - Aug 3, 2017 7pm


Hey All,

I’m thinking of running another laser training next week. I am tentatively suggesting Aug 3, Thursday evening.

Cost is $30
I will be able to take 4 people.

After training you will have access to the laser cutter at VHS. Priority will go to those who posted on the Anyone want laser cutter training thread earlier. Which means @stefan @Luke_Searra

Currently confirmed signed up:

Anyone want laser cutter training?

Awesome! I’m in!

Should I bring the $30 in cash or would you like it up-front?



Day of is fine.


@kdavis this is the signup thread


Great - I’d really like to do it on Thursday, if I can. I have a project that I’m itching to work on.


Just pinging @lantana as I think she was also wanting in on training a
while back.

edit- will ping on slack


Woop. Youre signed up. I’ll update the start post tonight or tomorrow. If you want you can PM me the details of the project and we can go through it during or after Training.


[Bump] Two more spots for laser training on Thursday.


I totally want to do the laser cutter training. Will bring the $30 day off.
P.S. thanks for reminding me @Janet


Great, you’re signed up @Lantana


Lets laser some pine…make Graphene!


Thanks for the excellent training Logan!


No worries! Thanks for coming!


Luke Searra
Mark Searra

Would like to join

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