Laser cutter stats


Back in the day, we had metrics for the laser cutter getting logged in a database. This is useful for scheduling filter changes, figuring out usage, and identifying trends that might help us predict tube life or other cool stuff. Some servers at the space crashed, and we lost the data and the motivation for a bit.

@lukecyca, @Logan_Buchy, and @TyIsI have been working hard to get those back, and the results are pretty great:

For those following along, the above info (and more!) got posted in #laser on Slack.

Someone should: create a laser/hvac interlock

Thanks for posting, @Jarrett. Here are some photos of the new controller:

And the firmware and wiring pinouts are on github:


Amazing! Well done!!


I’d be interested in seeing user data, mostly because I want an award for using it the most.


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