Laser Cutter "Pause"d

Recently I have had several occasions when I use the Laser Cutter, that once I hit “Start” in LaserCad, the cutter does nothing and when looking at the screen on the cutter it says “Pause”.

My solution so far has been to turn the laser off and wait a few minutes then try again. After a few tries, it starts working again. But it appears to be random.

Things I have tried (that have not worked):

  • Hitting the “Pause/Continue” button on LaserCad (this changes the cutter screen to “Work” and the timer starts counting, but the laser is still not working)
  • Hitting the “Datum” button on LaserCad (resets the laser cutter, but it still does not work)

Before I hit the start button, I do the following:

  • Load my file
  • Assign layers and speed/power to each layer
  • Make sure there are no Layers with Output disabled
  • Download
  • Run Box/reposition/download and repeat until satisfied with results
  • Start

I’ve looked through the wiki and have not found any details on this happening.

Does anybody know why this is happening and what is the real fix?


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The switch on the door is probably not engaging, might need to be adjusted


Some time even the smallest piece of material under the door can cause the switch not to engage. The machines thinks the door is still open and will not start. Make sure the door is able to close completely and all debris that might prevent the door from closing is removed.


Just want to say @hectorh that I have been there, and the problem was as @yeungx and @TristanL said. The other time, turning it off and on again was the answer.

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Seconding pushing down on the lid to make sure it’s all the way down. I had a problem with that once.

I’ll try to look next time I’m there.

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Today, the third time it happened, all it took to fix it was to hit “Stop” and then “Start” again in LaserCad.

If it’s switch related, is it a good idea to also connect a light to the same switch, so that it’s obvious to the operator the lid is not closed properly?


That’s a good idea. I can look at the machine tomorrow to see how feasible that is.

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I adjusted the arms on the limit switches. They should be better now, but one is quite stiff to push, which is probably the issue, which will likely return at some point.

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