Laser Cutter now has Shop Compressed Air

The laser cutter now has a compressed air line running to it! Goodbye noisy air compressor!

A huge shout out to @lukecyca for all the parts and doing the work to install this and also for cleaning up the wiring behind the laser cutter.

Also a thank you to @Metal_Janet for tech support and also to everyone who originally installed the shop air that made all this possible!

New green air line from paint room.

New shop air connection to the Laser.

Please note that the Laser Cutter is not a Do-ocracy. If you see something that does not look right please report it to the Laser Cutter Committee.


Because the laser is now so quiet we should have a visible indicator to show that it is on.

Fun project for someone to do:

  • Take one of the big traffic lights from the freecycle shelf
  • Put it in the dome on top of the laser filter, pointing up
  • Wire a cord long enough to reach the power bar near the water chiller, which is switched along with the rest of the laser system
  • Then we’ll have a big light to show when the laser is on. Because now without the noisy air compressor, it’s pretty quiet and I’m worried someone might lock up and leave the laser turned on!

Will probably want to amend the training to make a purposeful check that the air is running before cutting. Proper air flow impacts cut quality depending on what you are cutting.

This may also open up an opportunity for more advanced uses of the laser for cutting without air assist (e.g., when doing paper or cardstock).