Laser Cutter maintenance April 14, 2017


Hey all!

I just popped down to do some maintenance on the cutter today. It looks like it is working pretty well.

  • Cleaned all mirrors. First and third mirror were quite dirty, second one was pretty clean (so I left it)
  • Checked the depth gauge. It appears that the depth gauge is accurate to within 0.5mm - should be good enough.

However, I did notice that someone had plugged in the old water chiller and routed the power cable through the front of the machine. That chiller is not in use and should not have been plugged in.

I want to remind all members that you may only use the laser cutter after training, and that if you have an issue with the cutter, either contact someone on the LCC or post your issue to talk.

Do not attempt to repair the laser cutter yourself.

I will also be looking at upgrading our water protection circuit in the near future so that the cutter will shut off should the chiller fail to pump an adequate amount of water through the tube.