Laser Cutter gantry is bent

While using it last night I noticed my X cuts were not coming out straight, after some investigation with a straight edge I noticed the gantry is bowed in the middle towards the front ~3mm. This causes straight cuts along the X axis to be curved.

The right side of the gantry is also ~5mm further back than the left side, referenced to the end of the Y rails. This would cause rectangles, for example, to be slightly skewed, or circles to be slightly ellipsoidal.

If these are all known issues, my apologies, but I didn’t see any reference to this shortcomings on the laser cutter wiki page.


Thank you for reporting this. The LCC will take a look


Thank you for checking this, I was meaning to do a full survey of the table, as it’s not parallel to the gantry either (in some spots).

The LCC is going to follow up on this. For now, the offset seems to centered around the center of the rail and the LCC will try to figure out how to remediate this.

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