Laser Cutter Down Until Further Notice 2018-May-01


There was an issue with the laser cutter chiller this morning. The laser cutter is not operational until further notice. No estimate yet on how long that may be.


If I would like to help the laser committee restore this, how do I engage?


Havent had a chance to get down to the space, so not sure exactly what has happened. Just relaying the message at this point.

If you or someone else is willing to have a look at the chiller to diagnose what might have happened that would be a big help. Just want to make sure not to engage the laser again before someone from the LCC has had a chance to make sure no additional damage has or is likely to occur.

EDIT: Definitely preferable to work with someone on the LCC, as the chiller and laser have quirks that can lead to accidental damage. Unfortunately, it will probably be Friday earliest for me to get down to space. Reach out on #laser on Slack on hopefully someone else can help diagnose the problem earlier.


Diagnosed the problem and wrote it up here:

The LCC is working on getting a new pump ASAP.


Do we know when the laser will be working again? I haven’t been down to the space, so i figured i should ask here?


Laser Cutter is operational again.

Big thanks to @lukecyca, @DerrickA4mag, and @polishdude20 for helping diagnose and fix the issue. The chiller pump burnt out and took it’s power supply with it. Replacement pump has been installed.


Thanks all, much appreciated!