Laser Cutter Chiller rebuild - Help Requested

Hi All:

The LCC is looking for someone to build a laser chiller for VHS.

Homemade chillers are often built by homebrewers.


The VHS laser tube is on its last legs so the LCC has purchased a brand new 90W RECI tube which just arrived this Tues June 21, 2022.

The current laser chiller was built in 2016. → VHS Wiki Chiller Build Documentation.

After 6 years the laser chiller is rusting and we’d rather not pump rusty cooling water through the new tube so before installing this new tube we’d like to build a new chiller.

The current LCC members are all swamped (new kids, life, work etc) and/or lack the specific skillset for this build so we are reaching out to any members who might be able to take on this task.

If we can’t find anyone to take this on then the LCC will start evaluating commercial chillers.

The VHS Chiller is similar to this:



It seems there is no interest for a chiller rebuild.

I will put together a talk post to raise funds to cover the costs for a new chiller and laser tube.


@Majicj I have an aquarium chiller I bought for my laser (but never used) that I could donate. It’s a CL-280, not sure it has sufficient capacity. I bought it used so it had been used for fish tanks. I spent some time flushing it but more time could be spent. I think I have hose adapters for it.

I don’t use my laser enough to warrant the chiller, I have the air cooler and avoid using the cutter in hot weather. I also use glycol based antifreeze as the coolant liquid which seems to avoid some of the degradation issues with plain water.

Not sure it has sufficient chilling capacity for this tube.

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Thanks for the offer Tom.

The VHS laser needs an 800 Watt chiller so we can’t use yours.


Since the laser cutter tube is expensive, would it be better to buy a suitable industrial/commercial grade chiller?


There’s a funding discussion in