Laser cut leather cutlery holder


After @jon ran his leather workshop a few years back I’ve been eager to give this another try. The laser makes the process much easier as you use it to precut the stitch holes (and cut the outline).

I bought the lambskin leather I’m using on ebay from - this leather is damaged so it was cheap, a good choice for a first project. The leather burnt up a little on the lower side, I think I can hide the additional damage, more speed next time perhaps? Didn’t happen on any of the test cuts of course.

I still have all the goodies from Lonsdale Leather for the last workshop, it’s good to be using them again. I’ve only stitched one side so far. Posting here to keep me honest about finishing it. My next project is a new wallet, I have some heavier leather for that.


Very cool Tom! I’ve been doing quite a bit of leather stuff myself lately. Did you lasercut the stitching holes as well?