Laser Chiller Maintenance. Jun 15-2024

Standard disclosure. The Laser Cutter is not a Do-ocracy and I are no longer on the laser committee. I got permission from @Brad to do this.

Checked the laser chiller. Water level was low. Topped it up. Chiller side screens were blocked with dust. Blew them out with compressed air. Laser tube covered in dust. Wiped it off. Wiped down the exterior of the laser cutter with cloth. All the stuff dumped around the chiller prevents good air flow so it’s all been moved elsewhere. Please don’t dump stuff here.

Low Water Level

Added some Distilled Water

Clogged Side Vent (x2)

Clean Side Vent (x2)

Moved all the stuff away from chiller to get good air flow. Please don’t store stuff here.

Really Dusty Tube
LaserChillerMaintenance - 1

Wiped down Tube


Wow thanks for doing all that and helping the LCC.


Wow, amazing work and thanks for documenting this preventative maintenance procedure. When was the previous time this was done? It looks like we need to schedule to do these tasks far more frequently.


That’s pretty wild to me.

Thanks Mark


This chiller has done really well compared to the last one we had. I checked the chiller once a month or so when I was on LCC. afaik this was the first time for cleaning the side screens since we picked up the chiller. They should probably get checked quarterly.

The water level was low but if the flow stops then the laser won’t start with the flowmeter interlock.


Is checking the chiller covered in laser training (sorry it’s been so long since I took that I can’t remember)? Obviously if the chiller needs attention you’d then notify the LCC but good for all of us to have more eyeballs on there I think.

The chiller maintenance is part of the LCC responsibilities. It does not need to be included in laser training.


What I’m suggesting is being aware of the chiller and checking the temperature. If not appropriate no worries.

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