Large project storage area improvement project

Today Yeung and I (with a bit of help from Claire) built (most of) the frame for a dedicated set of shelves for the large project storage area adjacent to the DMZ.

It features a vertical storage rack for lumber. All of the lumber over 2’ long was moved into the vertical storage rack. There was a bunch of stuff that was not labelled. It has been put in the first bay of the vertical stock storage. I suggest that if you had lumber in the old large project storage rack that you would like to keep that you did not label, that you find your way down to the space and claim it, because otherwise it’s going to get used in projects during the build-out of the wood shop and other areas. Edit: anything with a name was kept out of the free-for-all pile, and anything that was bundled together with tape twine etc. was kept together to the best of my ability.

I want to impress upon everyone that it important to put your name and the date, including the year, on all of your stuff. Things will get moved around and separated. You are not labelling so that you know it’s yours, you are labelling it so that an annoyed shop lead on a clean-up rampage will not throw it in the “free for anyone” pile. Document accordingly.

The yellow scaffolding is now clear, and ready to have the tools from the shelves by the windows transferred to it. (this is a key step before we do the main wood-shop build-out along that wall.)

I have plans to put more cross bars in this weekend when I get more stock, and then cover the shelves in plywood, but if anybody wants to beat me to it, let me know and I’ll pass along the battle plans.