Lapel Pin Kickstarter launched

Heyo, so if you’ve seen the kind of shit I’ve been making in the space the last couple of years you’d know I’ve internalized capitalism pretty hard. I love making cool stuff, but I also love getting payed to make it!

My latest project is both one of my most commercial but also one of my most artistically rewarding, I’ve designed these adorable little potion bottle lapel pins, and I’m getting them made in China to see to nerds!

Click Here

I’ve brought it to kickstarter in hopes of getting at least the 4 designs funded, but would love to get past that (I’ve made 16 different designs) and I’d love your help! If they’re not your style, it helps just as much to share wherever you feel comfortable and have access to nerds.

I’m also hoping to have this ready to sell at Makerfaire, so the more we fund the cooler my booth will be this year!


Love what you’re doing and your overall approach. I’m not personally very into cosplay or fantasy but I find these pins irresistible nonetheless.


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