Ladies 6 speed hybrid bike - SOLD

I’m selling my hybrid bike. 6 speed, comes with baskets, headlight, reflectors, and U-Lock. Recently tuned up so in great condition. $400


More pictures here Ladies 6 speed hybrid bike - bicycles - by owner


Since I see this ad is still up, I want to point out that, as a male, I’ve been riding a “drop tube” bicycle for awhile and it is splendid.

If you are in the market for a bicycle and you identify similarly, please don’t let that feature deter you, because, it is frankly, quite nice.

(also, a lot of dutch bikes are drop-tube, and if anybody knows a thing about bike reliability and comfort… yeah)


Sadly i am too short for most bikes. Otherwise does look like a good deal

I suggest a folding bike from Craigslist. I got one for my wife and daughter. Works great for short people. When see one you like jump on it.

Bike sold. Thanks all :slight_smile:


Closing as this has been sold.