Knitters - what are you making?

Post your projects or questions here.

Are you a beginner? The easiest thing to do initially is to knit something without a lot of fancy stitches or shaping like a bookmark, washcloth, throw pillow, or scarf. Depending on where you’re at with knitting, the smaller the better to start. You will need to know how to: cast on, knit garter stitch, and cast off.

Get awesome free patterns here:

Have other questions about yarn or needles? Ask away!

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Learning to knit - some free patterns and knitting lessons from Tin Can Knits

I admit I’m knit-curious but I’m concerned that I don’t have the attention span to finish a project.

How long does it take a beginner to knit say a sock or something small like a bookmark?

Hey Garth - it depends on a few things.

  1. project size - big of course, takes more time
  2. complexity - lots of patterns/textures and shaping is slower to knit
  3. yarn size - fatter yarn knits up faster than thinner
  4. skill - obviously more experience = faster
  5. how you knit (continental style vs english)

A sock can take 10+ hours to knit while a bookmark could
be knit in a few hours.

A bookmark would be a fun first project.

You should come out on knit/sew night and check things out.

I’ll be at open night tonight fixing sewing machines if you want to chat.

By the way - I have a useless attention span. It’s why I knit socks because you can easily knit round and round without paying attention while you’re watching TV.


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Here’s a great beginner bookmark pattern.

Remember…bookmarks lead to other cool things, like socks. :slight_smile:

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"Sorry, the page you were looking for in this blog does not exist. "
edit: the blog has moved, and any post about bookmarks has ceased to exist.

also: wool bookmarks? I’m skeptical. wouldn’t they be too thick?

Try the cache for that link.

If you use a lighter weight wool, it can work well. Another great first project is a knitted scarf, although it’s longer and takes quite a bit of time to do.

Chani - sorry we missed you last night. Hope to see you at the space sometime soon.

@Janet Awesome event last night, hope you are up for doing it again in the future.

To answer your original question on what i’m making now, another shot glass coaster like the one I made last night, got to have a pair of them right?

I know it’s hard to tell them apart but the one on the left is mine, nailed it!


Dude - you totally nailed it! I don’t know how you managed all these years without a shot glass coaster! Thanks for coming out with your wife. I had a great time. We’ll have to do it again. Maybe add some routers to the mix. :slight_smile:

Photo source:

FREE beginner knitted scarf pattern. If you can knit a shot glass coaster you can knit this!

Knitting Patterns for Gamers…

So here I am at the airport lounge knitting away. @Janet you have created a knitting monster!

They let you through security with those?

They looked at me, then the needles, then me again and with a little hesitation I was on my way.

Apparently plastic needles are all good.

Wow!!! that is awesome! You are a total knitting machine. Glad to know they let you through security with those!
I also like that yarn.

And what is up with that tension? It is insanely good. I think you’re a natural.

Way to go, Garth!

What are you making now? Looks too big to be a coaster. :wink:


I’m aiming to make a scarf, at this rate it should be ready for next summers scarf season.

Looking now at my knitting you can see where the several free drinks kicked in last night. Next knitting night I might be looking to the experts in the house for covering up some of my drunken blunders.

Drunken blunders just improve the work! But of course, yes, we can help fix.

How’s everyone doing on the knitting?

At the moment I’m trying to finish this scarf which I started last year. I’m not in love with the pattern because it requires me to pay attention…something I’m not so good at. Perhaps that’s why I started it last year and haven’t finished it yet. LOL. Here’s the free pattern if anyone else wants to similarly torture themselves.