Kinkajou bottle cutting demo

Hi Folks,

I’ve purchased a Kinkajou bottle cutter for the space. I have one at home and I love it. If it arrives on time (and it should), I’ll build a box for it, take it down to the space on Sunday Oct 4th at 10am and do a quick demo for anyone that’s interested.

See more about the Kinkajou:


The bottle cutter is here! I’ll be down at the space Sunday morning around 10 to do a quick demo and find a home for it.

If the vinyl cutter and sand blaster have any sort of doc yet, maybe they could be incorporated into the demo.

The bottle cutter now lives by the button making stuff. One the laser is back online I’ll cut a box. For now it’s all in a cardboard box.

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Cool! Once this election is over I want to play around with all the new

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Just bumping this thread. Did you know we have a bottle cutter at VHS? You can make all kinds of cool stuff with bottles. Also I’d like to see us get a ceramic kiln and potters wheel at some point. You can also slump glass in a kiln to create some more cool bottle projects.

More on how to use a Kinkajou bottle cutter and as always thanks to @ninetynein for that donation to VHS.

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Add a little class etching cream and a you can make some great xmas presents for low $$:


Oh wowww Thanks @Janet - Do you know where in the space the bottle cutter is usually kept?

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It’s above the solidworks computer, in an appropriately named shoebox


Thanks @Jarrett :slight_smile:

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@sampath that’s awesome you are interested. If you try cutting some bottles let me know how it goes. I’ve been meaning to try this cutter out also.

Time for my once a year bumping of the bottle-cutting tool. Did you know we have one of these at VHS? Cutting wine bottles and etching them with a vinyl stencil and etching cream is a great way to turn old bottles into holiday gifts. Check out for lots of ideas.


Wow, sounds like this is my source for candle vessels.

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oh yeah.

bump. Upcycle old bottles by cutting them into glasses/candle holders/etc with the VHS bottle cutter.