Kiln - still around


I’ve got a project on the go that requires a kiln for a little bit. I remember there being one around the shop a while back when I was attending; is it still around? Is it possible to borrow this for a bit? Is it possible to purchase it if it hasn’t been used in a while.

If I purchase it, I’ll make it available for use if anyone needs it over at my workplace (Kron Technologies). We’re kind of setting up a fab shop for our prototyping and stuff… though mostly because we’re all makers who want stuff like milling machines and 3d printers because we want to make stuff…


I think the original owner took it back because it had never been used


I too need one for a short time, Thanks!
For making High Speed Cameras?


Any chance you know who the owner was?

The project is… well… we traded a high speed camera and some lights for a Form 2 printer from Form Lab. One of the experimental materials is ceramic. Given that and with some of the high strength/temperature materials they have I want to 3d print a working jet engine.


This project is full of awesomeness!! @LoialOtter, Please post your progress, Thanks!
Try potter’s guild.
What is the temperature range required?
Else jewellery makers’ kilns can melt silver, the curiosity factor will definitely drive someone to help you!


After asking around, our dentist says they may be able to help. @LoialOtter, try this place:
Zirconia Ceramic Firing Kiln Vancouver contact: Frontier Dental Lab (604) 433-2988


PMing, gimme a sec