Key holder status?

Hi…I’m having some trouble navigating this. I’ve been a member since last December but have only been in once or twice. It says I am a key holder and have an access code…how does this work? I’m only looking to cut up some 2 x 4’s today but would like to start on some other stuff soon. Thanks for any help…Chris.

Go to

Login. The user name is the email you used for paypal if that’s different from what you use to access the forum (this always trips me up).

Click on “Door Access” in the menu on the left. Search for “To open, punch in the current door access number” and note the 4 digits that follow.

Before you come in, book an appointment (it’s at the top of the door access page, or you can go to Book Appointment With VHS Booking System - Vancouver Hackspace)

Come in at the time you booked and use the 4 digits you noted to open the door.

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And if the space is empty when you leave, make sure all the doors are locked. If the space is not empty, make sure at least one person present is a keyholder.

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Thank you so much!

Hi @Chris1,

While under the new membership tiers technically everyone is a keyholder, you have not yet been vetted as a keyholder. So you’d need someone to let you in for now.

You can apply for keyholder status here:

OK…thanks…wasn’t sure.

Additional details:

For non-keyholders, you book an appointment during a time when a keyholder will have the space open. If the door is locked, ring the doorbell and somebody should let you in.

Open hours for non-keyholders are generally listed on the calendar.