Jaxon Rides Again!

I’m delighted to announce Jaxon, one of our CNC mills, has been rehomed onto a new stand that’s stable enough to resume use. Jaxon was mounted up yesterday, and while the new stand isn’t totally vibration-free it’s totally sufficient for the work Jaxon is capable of doing. Jaxon’s so happy, he’s even doing a lil dance! (See Slack)

The stand was $329.95+tax from KMS Tools, on sale from $460+tax. If anyone wants to help contribute financially, it would be appreciated.

@yeungx - $50
@xquared - $20

Our next steps for Jaxon will be getting the control properly set up, installing limit switches, and otherwise dialing in the machine so it’s not too unfriendly to its users. I’m a newb to LinuxCNC, so anyone with experience on that front would be well appreciated. We could also investigate moving the control over to Mach.


If you folks decide to bolt that stand to the floor, I have some spare Hilti anchors that can go to the cause, so that nobody has to bother with the terrible ones you find at the Big Box stores.

I am not pro at CNC, but i did set up the old sherline in its previous incarnation as a linuxCNC run mill.
Happy to toss in a $20 and some moral support for that setup.

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Sent 50. Thanks for doing the hard work.