It's time for the VGA/DVI Monitors to Find a Forever Home


So there is a big stack of old VGA/DVI monitors that have sat on top of the equipment racks since we’ve moved into this space.

I know this because I shrink wrapped a few of them to try and keep them from getting damaged, and they have never been touched.

I am proposing that they go to electronics recycling.


I agree.


Recycling it is! Let’s keep the projectors and mounting brackets.


There is one overhead projector, the old VHS VGA projector. What mounting brackets are we talking about, and why do we need them?

Also, do we really need the overhead projector? I have never seen it used.


The mounting brackets (widgets) for wall-mounting anything.
The Fresnel Lens from the Overhead Projector is great (I can salvage it and recycle the rest)!


So if you are a member and want to take one home with you - now is the time to get one.


They are all 19", right?


Want only the Overhead Projector and mounting brackets, keep the VGA projector as VHS backup one.


I would be totally game to use the overhead projector for art projects.


Yes, Art project that involves “melting silica (stone) by sunlight” to permanently etch murals!


Lolz Rahul - that sounds awesome.

Sounds like we’re all their on the screen recycling. @Andrew_Hendriks are you thinking we should do a Hackery pickup? I can work at the space on pickup day.


Do those monitors work? I can nab all of them for our computer refurbishing program for people with disabilities.


Oh wow, yes. Most of them should work. That’s a great place for them to go.


As far as I know yes they all work


Okay thanks everyone. If you can hang tight, I will grab them over the next week / 10 days. :slight_smile:


Thanks @chadleaman so great they can live on.



The mounting brackets (widgets) for wall-mounting anything.

Just to be clear, are you asking for these brackets for yourself? Also, do you object that they go to @chadleaman along with their monitors for his program?


If Chad wants them for monitors, then he should take them, no problem.

P.S.: I was asking the brackets for myself


I’ve taken the liberty of tagging the monitors for @chadleaman with a red packing tape to make them easier to identify.

Please let us know if you’ll need help loading them this week!


I’m going to propose the extra projector actually goes. I know a projector is a semi-critical item, but the last one was just awful. The new one is acceptable. I would hope that if the current one breaks that we would be motivated to move forward into something decent.

That all being said, I’m sure the current one will end up breaking just when I need it.