Items Available

I’m cleaning out a bunch of my stuff that I’ll likely never use. I put them on slack but figured I’d reach out to a larger audience. No real price to anything, but if you want to throw some unused Lego at me (for my daughter) or a couple bucks, I’d be grateful, but I’m mostly happy to give most of this away (a few larger $ items though I’ll probably need some compensation)

Items left are as follows:

  • Level Shifters x 8
  • Stepper poloulu drivers x 5
  • RN-42 BlueSMIRF (Bluetooth HID chip with serial interface)
  • Mono 2.5W Amplifier PAM8302A
  • Various batteries (Lithium) none bulged but unknown condition, will recycle otherwise. 3x are 18650
  • 18650 holder x2
  • OnlyCoin uController
  • Pillow Blocks x2
  • Optical endstop x7
  • Real-time Clock module x2 (two kinds)
  • Thumbstick Joystick (Playstation Type)
  • Arduino Uno
  • Dual motor arduino driver shield (dual stepper, 4x dc motors, also controls 2 hobby servos)
  • Small project box (missing one screw, red)
  • 8.5x11 light diffusers (I think 4-5 left)
  • 100mm motorized slide potentiometers (higher dollar item; unused; Mouser Product Link )
  • 2.4ghz Radio controller with High voltage tolerant receiver. (higher dollar item, from HobbyKing)

do you want any cash for the uno and motor sheild? i’d be happy to take those

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I’ll label them as yours and I’ll post when I do a drop off

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I’ll take the 18650 batteries and battery holders please.

Do you have any li-ion battery management boards (charge/discharge controller)? I’m in need of one to do a mod in the next few days

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Are these 1S or 2S? :slight_smile:

I already have enough transmitters and receivers, but I’m curious what this is :slight_smile:

18650 holders are 1S each, but I have 2 of them.

Transmitter is Turnigy 9XR (with the custom firmware) and receiver is FrSky V8FR2 HV

I do, but you’d have to put it together yourself.

Let me know if that interests you, otherwise I know you can pick up cheap ones without all the fancy stuff from Lees.

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