It flys!

It only took me 3.5 years but I finally completed the foamy RC plane from @Arrgh’a excellent workshop in December 2015… and it actually flys too!! Had multiple flights for 30 minutes and walked away with a completely intact plane, which is not what usually happens on my maiden flights with RC planes!!

Thanks for a great workshop @Arrgh!


That’s fricken raaaaad

Wow, out friggin standing!

I built the fuselage of my FT Explorer but never got around to building a wing. Of course, I’ve built 3-4 other planes since then, and gotten a couple of cheap PNF EPP things from Hobby King, but still haven’t done more than a couple of abortive attempts at flying.

Like it says in the #rc channel topic, please remind me to get out and fly! :slight_smile: