ISO Woodshop 101 training!

Hey! I am a new member of the hackspace! I was coming in a lot to use the laser cutter a while back and then moved and got busy but I’m keen on coming back and learning some woodworking.
Anyone else interested? Could we get a group together and do a workshop?


@Phillip_Ma does cutting board workshops every so often, that includes training for the table saw and jointer/planer. Is that the sort of thing you’re looking for?

If there is interest i can run another one of these workshops without issue. This is typically a 2 day workshop run on the weekends (about 3-4 hours each day). Its a beginner friendly class and if you haven’t been previously oriented in the wood shop this would be a great way to get started. If you want more information you can read up on this workshop Cutting Board Workshops - December 2022 - #32 by Phillip_Ma.


Phil’s workshops are amazing! I took his cutting board one and learned a ton. Highly recommended.

I would definitely be interested in the workshop! I have a couple of non-member friends who would probably attend as well. That sounds like it’s exactly what I’m looking for.
Is there anything I can do on my end to help make this happen?

That’s great! we can co-ordinate dates and times either by DM or on Slack. If your friends are interested in checking out some of the cutting boards made by myself or prior workshop attendees i have several posts on my Instagram page that can be shared. The pricing for the class is in the prior talk post i linked above. A portion of the fees does go back to VHS as a thanks for providing the tools and space to run this class.

Shameless plug:

wow they look gorgeous! Is the wood provided by VHS or do we need to bring our own?

For this course I will provide you with the wood, the finishing oils and wax. You’ll do all the work to make it look good.


Hey Phillip, I would be interested to join for this as well!

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I’d be interested as well

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That’s great! How many people would we need for this to run? My friends are being lame but I’ve put out some more feelers.

three is a good class size are Sept 16 and 17 or Sept 30 and Oct 1. I generally prefer to get these done in the mornings but we can do afternoon sessions as well depending on you guys.


Hi Phillip,

Thank you for the workshops! Please add me in for the Sep 30- Oct 1, and I plan to rejoin VHS as a member just for your workshop.


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Sept 30- Oct 1 work for me as well


@melm does Sept 30 and Oct 1 work for you for this workshop? I will put this into the events calendar regardless.


Yes Sept 30 and Oct 1 works for me as well. Thanks Phillip, looking forward to the workshop! Is there an option to make an end grain board in the workshop?


There are a few more steps involved in making an end grain cutting board. There is at least one extra glue up process and we would need to get you to use the thickness sander in the space as well. A typical End grain cutting board is at least 3 days to complete or more depending on their complexity. (3 hour day 1, 1 hour day 2, 4-5 hour day 3).

It would be best to organize a separate class to do an end grain cutting board. I do think there would be interest in putting that class together but i’d have to limit class size to 2 people at a time. I can likely arrange one before November (ahem culture crawl) if @melm or anyone else is interested but the cost on this would be $250 instead of the $80 i charge for the basics class for trained members.

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Oh ok thanks Phillip. I’ll stick with the basics class, there’s still plenty for me to learn.

I’d be interested

If you are available in the morning/early afternoon on the 30th and the 1st we can still fit you in. But that’s pretty much the limit on the class size :smiley: Good to see the class filled out though.

If anyone feels left out i’ll post dates again prior to culture crawl with target dates before Christmas. VHS members will have first crack at available timeslots but there were a number of visitors we had come roll through the space that took the class last year.

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