ISO: Dead, Dying, or otherwise broken Roombas

As many folks around here know, I like to hack around with broken roombas. If you happen to have a 600 series or up roomba that otherwise would be going into e-waste recycling please get in touch.



Are there any in the Roomba parts bin at the space?

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Yes there are - mostly 500 series I think in various states.

edit: if anyone ever needs roomba parts please help yourself. We have lots of wheels and bits and bobs. There are also some replacement side-brush gears in there in a bag. If your side brush has stopped spinning that will fix it. We also have replacement IR emitter/receivers to fix the circle of death.

I have an (I think) 650 sitting in my closet which afaik is functional except the battery is dead. I keep waffling on whether I’m going to try to use it again.

Probably I should just give it to you.

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You can definitely replace the battery for about 50bux! I also have a 650 at home and it’s great!

Here’s an excellent place to buy Roomba batteries locally. You can do free pickup, or they’ll ship.


The last battery I bought was this one and it’s been great. Still going after 2 years although I don’t vac every day.

I’ve seen the powerextra brand at a few places including bestbuy. There’s also Battery World which has a local storefront although I’m not seeing roomba batteries on their website right now (I’m sure I’ve also bought from them before).