Is there interest in an SMD soldering workshop?

Hi - Just trying to find out if there is an interest in an SMD (surface mounted diode) soldering workshop. I’d like to put one on for VHS members.

This is soldering components on top of the board - like what you’d see on an arduino or computer motherboard.

This is very handy to know for project building (especially for slim, low profile projects) as well as repair for phones/computers and other electronics. Already knowing how to solder is a requirement.

It’s fine work, using tweezers to pick up the components but it’s very satisfying and can be pretty zen.

Reply below if this is something you’d be interested in.

If there is interest we’ll do a workshop.

We’d make the following, or something similar, in a night. So you’d have a completed project after the workshop.

Project and image from Tom’s Tindie Store.


A reason to learn how to use our new reflow oven ( Reflow Oven Kit for VHS - TILT )?

I’m In!


Schedule permitting, I’d be in for sure.


I’m in depending on the date and time


Happy to help with this workshop.


If there’s enough interest in this first workshop it looks like there’s some potential for other projects like an ATX breakout board, makey makey, and a few other nifty builds. Woot!

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It’s all about timing. I’d like to attend. I keep missing out due to conflicts. Maybe this time the stars will align!


I’m interested


So today we checked out the [new VHS reflow oven] (VHS SMD Reflow Oven) and it is pretty awesome. Super easy to use.

@Janet @xquared and myself decided that we would all make the 5 LED strips that were designed by @Jarrett. A pretty fun build.

We tested the strips using the ESP8266 Partycat controller designed by @lukecyca. It is pretty cool using projects developed by other VHS members.

All the parts before assembly. Solder was placed on the board with a syringe and then parts placed with a pair of tweezers. About a 10 minute task

Bake in the oven for about 3-5 minutes

A quick inspection under the Microscope and then solder Gnd, +5 and data lines to the board.

A quick test with the Partycat controller shows working LEDs.



This was super fun! Thanks for the pics Mark!


Sorry for the delay. I’m still on this. I’ll have a post up shortly with more details about the first SMD night, and the additional boards we can make (care of Tom). So…more info and projects rolling soon.


Let me know which evening works best for SMD. We’ll start with an intro project so by the end of the night you’ll know how to hand solder and use the reflow oven and have your very own working flashy LED SMD board. Woo!

Help me figure out when to schedule this. A few people had expressed interest in Thursday - but that is booked up with another event. Don’t worry if none of these work for you, if there is interest we’ll run another.

A few folks expressed interest in helping out. @jarrett, @majicj, @packetbob, and @wander please also fill this in. Thanks!


New member here, but I’ve added myself to the Doodle! I have a reflow project to start with no idea where to begin, so I was amazed to see this! Awesome coincidence :slight_smile:


Awesome! Welcome to VHS @ryanmaclean. Thanks for filling in the doodle! Looking forward to meeting you at the space. :slight_smile:

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The first SMD night will be on Friday, March 31st from 7 - 10 pm. Event sign up coming shortly!

The intro project will be the blinky star badge. This is a great little project and will get you ready for an intermediate SMD project coming in April.

If you have your own reflow project or are building other SMD projects, feel free to join us on these nights to socialize, build, and enjoy all things SMD.

Event signup coming shortly. Will post here first.

Other projects we can build include the following. Let me know what you’re interested in! Personally I’d like to build a benchtop power supply with the ATX breakout board, but we’ve done that before. I’d like to know what experienced SMDers would like to build as well.

  • micropython v2.0
  • sparkfun sx1509 io expander breakout
  • sparkfun attiny programmer
  • sparkfun pocket avr programmer
  • sparkfun AD8837 signal generator
  • Makey Makey Board
  • USB Isolater
  • Ada Fruit USB Isolator
  • ATX Breakout Board (build your own benchtop power supply)

FYI - the cost of this event will be very low ($10 - $15ish) however if funds are prohibitive for anyone I will donate a few kits to the cause. Send me a PM if that’s you and we’ll talk.


Tickets for this event are live. There are 8 spaces, members only at the moment. If cost is prohibitive please PM me and we’ll work something out.


Should also add - I’ll actually be keeping the space open until midnight so for all you people with kids…come on down after bedtime for a late night of hacking.

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