Is the laser cutter up?


Hi all,

I’m back from Powell River, and I’d like to know if I could drop by and use the laser cutter for a few hours.

As well I’d be happy to renew my monthly subscription.

Would there be any time today, this evening that people are planning to be in the space?


Hi Alex! :wink:

According to the member database, your membership expired in April, but you were already marked as permitted for laser access. If you start paying again, you should be good to go!

However, join the #laser channel on Slack as there may be issues at the moment.


The laser is mostly usable. There are a couple issues at the moment:

  • Not very well aligned / focussed. This means your cuts might be a bit “out of tram” and will require using more power. But it should still work.

  • The microswitches that detect when the door is closed (there are two of them now) have been bent and aren’t reliably engaging. You can hack around this by using a small shim.

Best to get a quick refresher from someone who’s used it recently. Other than that you should be good to go! You can also usually get remote help from the #laser channel in Slack.

Luke (Lazer Cutter Committee)