Inverter unit

Hi. A few years ago someone posted about one of these inverter units. Does anyone know much about them? For a 30 pound unit it seems like a low output. I’m kinda new to this so am I correct in thinking they only produce a couple hundred watts? With efficiency consideration is it feasible to combine units for a 1500 watt load? or are these geared more to being a highly regulated low power source? Thanks in advance.

I don’t know what’s inside that unit to make it so heavy, but yeah, the faceplate says it’s only a couple hundred watts. Newer technology is smaller / more efficient.

Unless the unit is designed to do it, there’s no practical way to combine the output of multiple units.

Let’s take it apart and find out!

That’s a pure sine wave inverter, hence the large size/weight and low power rating. Think linear power supply vs switched mode power supply. There are very specific use cases for pure sine wave inverters: Pure Sine Wave Inverters: Necessary or Overkill?

There is one other use they don’t mention in the article and that is if you want to connect your solar panel system to the utility fed electrical system. The inverter that converts the solar panel DC must put out a pure sine wave and it must synchronize with the utility.

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