Introduction to 3D, Sketchup and Using Sketchup for 3d printing - Nov 8th

November 8th 2pm - 5pm.
I’m finally going to hold that nice long 3D class I’ve been promising.

I’m going to break this down into 3 segments so that you can attend the area(s) that you want more information on.

2pm-3pm Basic 3D modelling introduction. (1 Hour)
-If you’ve never ever done (or done but not understood) 3d modeling then you want to start here. Its going to go over the very basic stuff but important to understand why programs especially Sketchup and slicer do what they do. This is only for designing 3d models for 3d Printing, It will not include some of the extra stuff that might interest you if you were doing it for rendering on a computer screen (ie games, videos, pictures) but you can build on this to get to the more interesting stuff. I will use Sketchup to show how 3d models work, but I won’t provide any explanation on Sketchup itself till the next hour.

3pm-4pm Sketchup Introduction. (1 Hour)

The basics to getting started with Sketchup and how to use it specifically for modelling for 3d printing.

4pm-5pm Fixing 3D models for printing.

All about fixing 3d Models for printing. Using Sketchup of course. But other programs can be used, I will also show some things about netfabb. A tool for finding problems and making simple fixes,

Need to get your ticket(s) here.

I at first thinking that I was going to offer the class for free to VHS members then decided to charge a nominal $5. I’m going to use the funds raised to buy VHS some tools I think they need.


Just an update:

If you have a laptoip good idea to bring it. Otherwise I have gotten an okay to borrow some dell laptop’s to use during the day. Please let me know if you need one of those.

And I’ll have cd’s for everyone with copies of the latest Sketchup with a collection of the plugins I find useful. I’ll also have a copy of the free Netfabb program as well on there…

Happens this weekend guys. I was thinking more then 2 people were interested in the class?

I’d love to attend but we’re going to go out this weekend.

Definitely interested, but may be involved in an emergency training exercise that overlaps with the class time!

I’ll attend, but I’ll have to leave early to go to another event. Too bad, because I would really like to learn about fixing models as well!

as above. I’d really love to, but the scheduling didn’t work out this time.

Also as we need the funds more for moving then tools. I’ll put it towards the move fund.

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Really hoping you are able to put this course on again. I have just ordered a 3D printer, and this course is exactly what I would need! thanks

hi there, wondering if you would be repeating this course? I was away from vancouver the last several months so haven’t been able to come to anything at vhs. If you are having another upcoming workshop would love to join!