Intro-to-migration-away-from-Arduino Interest Check


Is anybody interested in a basic microcontroller class that doesn’t involve Arduino?

Arduino certainly has its merits, but I’d be stoked to preach on how great Platformio is, and show people how to migrate to it. With a cool project, of course.

Material cost for what I have in mind is about $20 and includes an STM32F1 Arm Cortex M3 (read: super powerful, coming from the AVR lines, and super cheap for when you need to buy more). And some other stuff.

Thinking of making it $25ish for members and $40ish for non-members, and encouraging people to sign up for VHS immediately to save on cash.
Possibly next week, but that’s a short timeline. Thursday the 16th, maybe?

I’d require people to install VSCode with Platformio beforehand (I think it’s cross platform) and no strong programming abilities required. Some basic ones would be helpful.


I’d be interested.
Just thinking about starting to play with my stm32f103 blue pill dudes.


I’m down. I recently received an order of 10 of these stm32s that I’d be happy to lend for the course if you need any.


I’m interested.


Count me as well.


pending on any scheduling conflicts, I’d be into this.


Interested. Installed platformIOon VSCode a few months ago, and the promptly didn’t do anything at all with it or any any other coding. PlatformIO seemed quite invasive in my VSCode ecosystem, with its dominating start up pages every time VSCode starts. It was all so tl;dr that I got scared and hid. I’ve forgotten more code than I’ve ever learned. So sad.


Interested, though I might have to bail for work.
I am slowly getting used to vs code and platform io, occasionaly the compiler chain poops the bed and folder and library management confuses me. The editor is damn sweet though.


i was talking to one of the guys at work about this and he was interested enough to want more info if this becomes a thing.


Sure, I’d be down if I can make it. I’m still new to Arduino so it be interesting to see other types of microcontrollers.