Intro to Mechanical Keyboards - 7PM Thursday, February 15th


Come join in on the fun and learn about mechanical keyboards!

Ever wondered what the buzz is about mechanical keyboards? Wonder why people use them instead of the cheap-o keyboard that came with their computers?

Wonder no longer!

I’ll do my best to cover an intro to:

  • How a keyboard works
  • Understanding the matrix
  • Key switches
  • Software
  • Retrofitting
  • Cheap starter boards
  • Keycaps
  • Languages
  • Alternative layouts

I’ll have on hand a limited supply of switches to give away for testing (can be used with Arduino/Raspberry Pi) and a smattering of sample keyboards.




Thanks for the spelling help @Majicj :smiley:


Definitely in, thanks for organizing!


Just bumping this which is tomorrow. Looking forward to this! Thanks @ryanmaclean


Ryan, what time were you thinking of coming?


oh shoot - I didn’t add a time to the event post haha - I’ll be there a bit early to set up (just need to be able to Google images/sites and show them off).

I’ll be at the space no later than 6:45PM, and will start at 7PM sharp.



Thank you for your awesome intro and presentation. Very cool to see the underlying hardware and software that goes into making and customizing mechanical keyboards.



Sorry I had to miss this!

Any photos of the event?




Wow… man I’m sorry I missed this one, I was really looking forward to it.


It was great. @ryanmaclean is a total keyboard wizard.