Intro: New guy!

Hi all!

I am Hani, and I am very much interested in joining the hack space.
I am an engineer by education, but have been far more interested in tinkering, so having a space to mess around with laser cutting, power tools, that would be amazing.

Anyways, if anyone can let me know how I can get a tour some time soon, I would love to. Not sure how all that works with COVID.

background experience with: FDM 3D printing, laser cutting, CNC machining, arduino, soldering, electronics, python.


Welcome! Your best bet for a tour would be to come by the space on a Thursday evening or a Sunday afternoon. We typically have keyholders hosting open hours for new members during those times.

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I guess I will see you all on Sunday!

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Hi Hani, I will be there on Sunday to give you a tour. Be sure to bring a mask :slight_smile:


Any particular time?

I will be there from 12 to 4. But I am learning welding sometime in the middle. But someone will greet you and welcome you for sure.