Internet linked SDRs!


Yesterday @toptekkie pointed out a pretty neat website to view a bunch of internet-linked SDRs from around the world. A lot of them are HF, though there are some VHF and UHF ones spattered around. Lots of these SDRs are connected to great antennas on the roofs at universities so reception is pretty good.

Website is

Sadly there doesn’t seem to be an SDR on here for Vancouver. Closest I could find was Victoria. Maybe a good project to go put an SDR and raspberry pi on the roof and hook it up?


I have a RTL-SDR that I can lend to this project. I was thinking of putting it down in the space, and connecting it to the cable that goes up to the antenna. However the connectors are very different, as I’m sure is the impedance.

Might be easier to put the whole RTL-SDR dongle with it’s little included antenna on the roof, along with a raspberry pi, and a PoE ethernet run back down to the space.


That would be awesome! Getting PoE up there would also pave the way for additional infrastructure up there also.

I used to have a raspberry pi kicking around somewhere which I’d donate to the project. I’ll have to look around all my stuff that is still in storage.


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