International Repair Day 2023

Are there any VHS plans for international repair day 2023?


Not that I know of but any member should feel empowered to put on an event/workshop/meetup. That would be super cool.

reach out to them?
they feed volunteers

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There’s even a pic of vhs at the bottom of the homepage. @kittycat was that one of the events you were at? @climberdude feel free to reach out to them/vhs to see if volunteers are up for hosting an event.

Huh, now that you point it out, I feel like I did sign up with these people at some point…
I would be happy to help out repairing things if an event were organized.
Recently I have been fixing a lot of vintage electronics and joined the Society for the Preservation of Antique Radio in Canada (SPARC).

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There are a few repair cafe shaped objects in Vancouver. I think some are not as functional as some others. The one linked is the most active one that I know of.

I think @climberdude signed up for the previous version of the repair cafe and they aren’t very active. (I sent you the invite link on slack before?)

There is a repair cafe this weekend I think and they will be there.

I was not there at the vhs repair cafe