Interest in workshops?

Which workshops would YOU be likely to take part in?

  • Knife Sharpening
  • Basic Arduino Coding
  • Welding
  • Platform IO
  • Putting Pockets into clothes that were never meant to have pockets
  • Unix command line for complete beginners (think: raspberry Pi)
  • Beginner oscilloscope-ing
  • Other?

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Hi there, I’m a pretty new member but I would be interested in seeing more remote VHS events. Maybe I was inspired by the Virbela conference I attended today…

I was wondering if people would be cool with me putting together a doodle poll to see what kinds of online workshops, lessons, etc, that people might be interested in. This way we could be useful to as many people as possible.

I invite anyone to make suggestions below. Please mention whether your suggestion is a workshop that you would like to attend, or one that you would be willing to teach.


List of workshop suggestions:

knife sharpening
basic arduino coding @winegummo
welding @lgkeroack
platform io @TyIsI
putting pockets into clothes that were never meant to have them
command line for complete beginners
beginner oscilloscope-ing
your suggestion…

Are you on Slack yet? We have a workshop channel for people who are interested in developing workshops, although I’m not sure if we’ve actually put the question out to the group about what workshops they’d want to take…

For me, I’ll take any workshop that I have time for… (Which so far has just been @Janet’s turnip jack-o-lantern workshop this past October.) I don’t think I could tell you what I’d want to take, because I usually just self-teach if I already know that I want to learn it.

At some point after my ass gets the welding 101 course done, I have aspirations of putting on a plasma-cut steel jack-o-lantern making workshop, and also a “putting pockets into clothes that were never meant to have them” workshop, the latter of which could be done remotely.


Just found this thread from a few weeks ago, which might be of interest to you.

Thanks @Metal_Janet, “putting pockets into clothes that were never meant to have them” sounds amazing.

Please vote for any workshops that you would like to attend so people can make them happen!

Workshops are the best! I’d be psyched to see VHS become more of a hub of workshops run by anyone with a skill they’d like to share, talk about an awesome community resource.

I’m probably going to run a hammock-making workshop at some point soon, and would also be happy to help marketing workshops hosted by others as well.

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