Interest Check - Neural Network From Scratch


Hey everyone! I’ve recently been dabbling in Neural Networks in Python and was wondering who’d be interested in a “Make a (useful) Neural Network from Scratch” class.

Basically, we’d go through the math (ill try and keep it quick) and we’d build a Neural Network in Python that can detect handwritten digits and tell you what they are with pretty good accuracy >90%.

Requirements would be to bring your own laptop, pen, paper and have Python installed on your laptop already. This would be for people who already have experience with Python although you won’t be using anything more more complicated than for loops for this first class. If you’re new to Python, this would also be a good way to just sit in and see what it’s capable of and how an engineer does coding! (I’m sure many of you software people in the audience would scoff at my coding practices:( )

Anyways, interest check. I’ll see about doing this in August when I’ve got more time.



I’m totally in for this thanks!


I would for sure.
Trying to read all about these new crazy TPU stuff…