Intake/Exhaust Fan


Here’s a little joint project between @Gibbtall and I…

As you may know, we have two box fans in the back window, pointed in opposing directions. They are labeled so you can either bring air in from the alley, or exhaust air out. Many people don’t realize this and run them both simultaneously which defeats their purpose.

Now we have a switch.

Leave them plugged in please. Use the switch to choose the intake or the exhaust. And turn them off before you leave.

For best laser fume management, use exhaust. You can also open the front door and run fans to pull clean air in from the hallway.


Could we rename them “Intake” and “Outtake” ?


Thanks for this jig, I used to run them simultaneously!




Thanks for handling the wiring and installation!


how about exhaust and inhaust?


Innie and outie.


Bike and Shed


Suck and blow? Oh, er, nevermind.