Instant Pot Sous Vide device


Sous Vide cooking seems to come up several times a year and I just noticed
that Instant Pot has their own Sous Vide device. We love our current Instant
Pot so I am thinking their Sous Vide device might be a worthwhile purchase.

Anyone here own one and can provide your experice with it?


I have an Anova. Which appears to be similar.

I have an earlier version with no Bluetooth or Wifi, and it’s really great. I’ve done some marvelous things with it.


And coincidentally it’s on sale for $90 ($72 off) at with Prime


I had no idea they started making a sous vide device, and it seems pretty
cheap at that (90 CAD in If I were to buy another sous vide
device I would probably look first at the wattage, as it means how fast it
heats the water (only really relevant for bringing the water up to the
desired temperature, and you can always cheat by heating the water directly
in the stove to accelerate the process). I have the anova bluetooth, that
has the same 800 W rating as this one, works pretty well. I don’t really
care very much about the “smart” features of a sous vide, I barely even use
the timer, let alone bluetooth (although the anova app has a lot of
recipes). Another thing I would consider is how easy it would be to clamp
down to wherever it is I plan to use it. I don’t think I would look at the
electronics as a differentiating factor, it’s really a super simple machine
(compared to a pressure cooker, I think), a number of VHS members have
built their own. Monoprice also sells a cheap sous vide (also 800 Watts).

Sidenote: if you speak italian and want to know it all about sous vide,
check out Marco Pirotta (he has 10 volumes on sous vide cooking)


Also of Note, you don’t need a special pot. I clamp mine to a stock pot and use that. Some people have been known to clamp them on to 5 gallon buckets, or rig them up to a cooler some how.

#6 is a great sous vide resource as well.


What do you folks use for the bags?


I’m using a foodsaver vacuum sealer and associated bags. Have used regular old ziplocks in a pinch.


I plan to go with something like this


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