Instant Coffee

I’d like to give public kudos to @Majicj for taking the time out of his day today to meet me at the VHS and try to get me up and running on the Slack website…not there yet but closer…so thanks Mark, very gracious of you!
On a side note, I donated a new jar of coffee today- instant coffee, yeah I know…I have had a cup of that maybe never :slight_smile:
A little back story on the reason for buying it.
There is a woman on Instagram that makes watercolor paintings…they a beautiful “but” made with using instant coffee. Besides flowers, she makes beautiful birds that look like sparrows. She uses 3 different pallets for shadings of instant coffee, using water to dilute… strong, medium and weak. In just a few strokes an incredible bird appears with all the gradations needed on watercolour paper. Her name there is: aquarelasdeleile. I never did get around to trying it as my interest in watercolour was put to the sidelines for now. So help yourself to the instant coffee, just remember, every cup you make could have been a nice watercolor painting. Cheers, Steve (Steveiam)